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This month's topic is JOY

Sing Joyfully!

Were you blessed like I was with a father who could take you to work with him?  I remember Dad always singing or humming or whistling while he worked.   Whatever the chores were - feeding cows, harrowing fields, shoveling snow, checking water, cleaning barns, saddling horses - as children we tagged along and tried our best to keep up and learn how to do everything he did.  "Work" was just whatever needed to be done that day, not a place you went.  And Dad was always planning ahead to make sure everything was ready for whatever project that needed to be done.  Maybe that's why he's never stressed out or worried about anything!  Cheerful, happy, friendly... my Dad is AMAZING.

When was the last time you sang your favorite songs, and let them lift your spirits?
Danced with someone you love? Hummed? Whistled?


Thank you for visiting a fabulous day!

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